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Find and Prepare for Remote Work

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Remote work is no longer an opportunity for the few. As each day passes, remote work is becoming an expectation for many employees. Although many employees want to work virtually, securing a remote job can still be a struggle. We share insight on identifying and preparing for your next remote IT role. 


If you work for a company that does not allow you to work remotely, try to figure out why before seeking another job. You want to ensure that your job and its primary functions are fully capable of being completed at home. Some jobs require being on location due to various logistical or cost reasons.


If you have identified that your job can be done remotely, you want to ensure that you can host an at-home work environment. Some IT roles require a high-capacity network and a reliable connection to the internet. You can test your broadband speed here.

Along with the basic tech infrastructure, you will need to make sure you have the space for an office environment. Your space should allow you to commit to your work hours without much interruption. Although most companies will provide all of the essential equipment you will need, you might still need access to things such as printers or fax machines. Being close to a place that offers these services should consider for remote working. 


Once you have checked off the above list, you can move on to the job search. When searching for a remote IT role, you want to hone in on the associated keywords. Search for words like “remote,” “work from home,” “virtual,” “WFH,” and “telecommute.” Include your job title and other various keywords in your search. You will also have to dig further into job descriptions to ensure you are not required to be on-site consistently, especially if the office is in a different city or state. You can also visit specific company sites and filter jobs by location. Atrilogy’s job page indicates location, including remote opportunities.


Partnering with a specialized IT recruiter can alleviate the frustration of seeking a remote IT job. At Atrilogy, our skilled recruiters know which companies offer remote roles and how to help you set yourself up for success at home. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you. 

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