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The Great Reshuffle, The Great Resignation, whatever you want to call it, there is a lot of change in the workforce. Much goes into a job search, but we often forget one of the necessary items to do when in between jobs: managing our social media platforms. As we all know by now, our social media can cost us our jobs. We offer our advice on updating and managing your social media while between jobs to ensure your platforms are work appropriate. 


The first step in managing your social media between jobs is executing a simple search, your name. Plugin your name into Google along with any other search engine to see what pops up. Investigate any links that are connected to you. Check to see that the links are appropriate enough for a future employer to view. You will want to remove any content that does not shine a good light on you, such as divisive opinions, derogatory remarks, angry rants, and so on. Check out the images section of the search and delete any images of you that are not appropriate. A good rule of them when deciding whether or not a picture is appropriate is simply to delete ones that you second guess.


We have the luxury of posting and sharing what we want on our personal platforms, but that can come at a cost. Be sure to check all of your social media platforms and make them private, at least while searching for a job. If you don’t want to make your platforms private, consider changing your user name so employers can’t find you in a simple name search. Some ideas include dropping your last name or using a middle name. Remember that you can also make certain information on your profile private such as employment history, friends list, photos, posts, and beyond. Taking this action will allow your profile to remain public while keeping aspects of your page private. 


If you actively use LinkedIn (and you should), make sure your contact information is up-to-date. Often, many people will link their LinkedIn accounts to their work email. To ensure you are getting your messages from LinkedIn, check your contact information and set it to your personal accounts. 


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