Managing Top Employee Resignation

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Losing a top employee can be crushing. Whether the employee was a top performer, a leader amongst peers, or a tenured face that helped build the existing culture, the loss can be impactful. Losing top talent creates internal hurdles that, if not managed properly, can be costly to the organization. Here is how leaders can cope and push forward after losing a star employee.

If appropriate, speak to the employee about why they resigned. Dig into what you could have done differently to keep the employee. This could open doors to a counter-offer, but if it doesn’t, take notes on how you can improve moving forward.

Call a team meeting and discuss why the person left and what it means to the team. We suggest being open and honest about the departure of the employee.  This step should be prioritized to avoid rumors.

Explaining the impact the change will have on the team and production is also important. Share plans to resolve any forthcoming issues. Resolutions can include promotions, internal referrals, or interviewing candidates for the open position.

Consider pulling aside team members who the change might greatly impact. Get a pulse check on their commitment to the team, how you can help make the transition smoother, and genuinely listen to any concerns.

Losing a top employee is costly in many ways, but it doesn’t have to be detrimental to the team or the culture if handled promptly, honestly, and with care. Need assistance in your recruiting efforts? Contact Atrilogy today.

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