Salary Negotiations

Winning At Salary Negotiations

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Salary negotiations can be daunting and intimidating, but they don’t have to be. Through partnerships with a recruiter to research your own, you can successfully negotiate your way to the salary you feel you deserve. We’ve asked our well-versed recruiters to share their advice on winning at salary negotiations, which they’ve shared below.


  • If you are working without a recruiter, then we suggest doing some research on the role. You can refer to sites such as Glassdoor to filter by job title, location, etc., to determine your profession’s average pay. After gathering this information, you should determine where your skills lie in the salary range of the role.
  • After you have established your financial worth, you can move forward confidently. Start higher than your predetermined number and be firm yet gracious. This gives you leeway should negotiation arise.
  • Be prepared for pushback on your salary request. Refer to your skills and your research to back up your requirements.
  • Keep in mind salary is more than numbers. You can also negotiate for better health care, tuition reimbursement, car allowance, more vacation days, gym membership – whatever fits your needs best.


  • Don’t feel pressured to answer on the spot as to whether or not you will accept the offer. 
  • You can and should ask for 24 hours to determine if the offer will work for you. 
  • Ensure that you leave with a written offer in hand before you part ways; otherwise, details could be forgotten. 
  • Be prepared for pushback and renegotiations but be sure to stand firm and be ready to walk away if need be.


Recruiters take most of this work off of your hands. They have vetted their clients and the roles, have completed extensive market research by networking with many candidates and other various resources, and are there to guide you along the way.  Recruiters work hard to get you the highest, fairest, best market value they possibly can, so partnering with a recruiter can be beneficial and help relieve stress throughout the process.


Salary affords us to provide for ourselves and our loved ones. It also allows us to enjoy things and experiences beyond the necessities, so put careful thought into creating your compensation package. You can partner with one of our well-trusted and respected recruiters to make salary negotiations that much smoother. Learn more here.

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